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Synonymous with innovation, reliability and quality.

Intercorp is a business group with presence in the Peruvian financial, retail, services and manfacturing industries dedicated to enhancing its clients' quality of life. The Group is a pioneer in bringing modernity and investment projects to the provinces, by introducing international quality standards, creating jobs, contributing to economic mainstreaming and conducting its operations on the basis of strong values.

Intercorp is committed to national development and dedicated to finding ways for inclusive innovation and modernization that will create a different Peru with opportunities for education, entrepreneurship and, above all, progress for all.

As a result of this entrepreneurial spirit, passion, commitment and innovative drive, Intercorp has received significant recognition in recent years. Intercorp companies won the Grand Award for Business Creativity in the last two years and in 2008, among the 26 Great Place to Work companies in Peru, five were Intercorp companies, including the three best companies owned by Peruvian capitals. They also made up over 70% of Peruvian companies included in the ranking published by the Great Place to Work Institute.

Intercorp is comprised of Banco Internacional del Perú S.A.A.- Interbank, Contacto Servicios Integrales de Créditos y Cobranzas S.A., INTELIGO BANK, Inteligo SAB, Interfondos S.A.F., Intertítulos ST, Interseguro Compañía de Seguros de Vida S.A., IISA Gestión S.A., URBI Propiedades S.A. and Supermercados Peruanos S.A. All these are Group companies strive to amaze their customers by providing innovative products and services, personal care and creating value for them.

Today, Intercorp is expanding its activities internationally persuaded it will thus contribute to improve the quality of living for Peruvians and help to make Peru a better place to live. Our customers around the world appear on the map below.

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