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Investment Policy and Strategy

At INTELIGO BANK we enforce a conservative investment policy. Our investment decisions are taken by the investment committee, conformed of specialized professionals with relevant experience. In addition, our portfolio is selected following clear and well defined investment risk policies, designed to protect our shareholders' capital and maintain low levels of financial leverage.

Moreover, at INTELIGO BANK we have a diversified, highly liquid and low volatility investment portfolio. Our investments are diversified by region, country, economic sector and issuer, maintaining strict control over exposure to market, interest rate, foreign exchange, credit, counterparty or other risks which might affect portfolio performance.

Our portfolio managers are specialists in different asset classes. They are selected following rigorous qualitative and quantitative criteria through a world-class process.

It is noteworthy that INTELIGO BANK keeps its assets and cash in conservative and solvent institutions, which did not face liquidity or solvency problems during the recent financial crisis, nor were they bailed out by their regulators.

INTELIGO BANK, investment professionals.

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